[Mapbender-users] GUI elements are not arranged in iframe

Sebastian Krohn-Grimberghe sebastian.krohn-grimberghe at ipsyscon.de
Wed Oct 7 04:45:11 EDT 2009


Sebastian wrote:
> I could not find a solution so far but I am still trying to. I will let
> you know if I make progress.

This is what I found out so far:

The elements causing the problems are overview, highlight_POI and zoomCoords. When I deactivate these elements, all other elements are arranged correctly and do work in the iframe (except for printPDF which makes use of overview, and the tools/buttons of the measure element).

I could also locate the functions in the code causing the problem. In all three cases it is related to event registrations:
ovnf.php : parent.eventInitMap.register(function init_overview(){…})
mod_highlightPOI.php: eventAfterMapRequest.register(function(){…})
mod_zoomCoords.php: parent.eventInitMap.register(function zoomCoorsInit(){…})

After removing these functions I can activate overview, highlight_POI and zoomCoords and the other elements are still working in the iframe. But of course by removing the code overview, highlight_POI and zoomCoords do not work correctly anymore.

Maybe one of the more advanced mapbender developers can help us here?

Best regards,

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