[Mapbender-users] Create points with a geoserver WFS-T

Sebastian Krohn-Grimberghe sebastian.krohn-grimberghe at ipsyscon.de
Thu Oct 15 08:45:11 EDT 2009


Daniel Grum wrote:
> Do I hve to delete all the Triggers in the data tables and create this
> new, if I have changed the trigger function?

No, you just have to replace the trigger function.

> I changed the trigger function in that version with the numer of
> differnet loops, but... the error message after changing the function
> and reloading my geoserver was the same.

If this does not work I cannot help you with this, except for giving you the
advice to test the select statements and change them until they return the
correct results. It works fine with my data, but of course I do not know
anything about the data you are using.

Best regards,

Sebastian Krohn-Grimberghe


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