[Mapbender-users] Problems with my initial view (BBOX)

Lluís Vicens lluis at sigte.udg.es
Wed Oct 21 12:17:00 EDT 2009


I have a little problem (well, in fact this is one of my problems!) that 
I tried to solve for myself reading the wiki (mapbender documentation) 
as well as some of the mailing list archives but I cannot find a 
solution. How can I define my initial extent with mapbender? I tried 
several options regarding to the BBOX even I put manually the parameter 
&mb_myBBOX= into the URL but it doesn't work :(

I want to fix my initial view based on EPSG:4326 where 
minx,miny,maxx,maxy are 2.4354,41.7065,3.1989,42.2430. My base 
cartography WMS is "http://shagrat.icc.es:80/lizardtech/iserv/ows?" and 
if I check (firebug) which is the request that mapbender is doing to 
this server the result is


¿How could I define my initial bbox?

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if this is a question answered 
so many times before... :-[


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