[Mapbender-users] GUI elements are not arranged in iframe

Sebastian Krohn-Grimberghe sebastian.krohn-grimberghe at ipsyscon.de
Thu Sep 24 08:14:23 EDT 2009


I’m trying to integrate a GUI into a HTML site by loading it into an iframe
with version 2.6. Up to version 2.5.2 this worked fine. But with version 2.6
the elements which are arranged depending on the map frame position (e.g.
navFrame and dragMapSize) are not arranged around the map. Instead they are
displayed on their initial position (e.g. top: 0, left: 0) and don’t work.
If I load the GUIs directly and not in an iframe everything works fine.
If the HTML file with the iframe is called from a different host than
Mapbender, firebug often displays an error message that the Mapbender host
doesn’t have the permission to read the attribute “Window.eventInitMap”. If
both runs on the same host I don’t get error messages from firebug, but
still the same elements are not arranged. It makes no difference whether I
use my own customized GUIs or the existing templates.
Does anyone know how I get all elements arranged correctly in the iframe
with version 2.6?

Best regards,
Sebastian Krohn-Grimberghe


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