[Mapbender-users] Print-Scale is not selected scale

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Jäger schrieb:
> EN:
> Hallo,
> sometimes a mapbender-user sets scale to 1:1000 for example, but gets a (HQ-) Print in 1:999 or 1:1001.
> The reason is: Scale is computed to Picture-Size (Pixels) for WMS, Picture-Size is computed back to Scale.
> Because "Pixels" is an integer number (you can't get peaces of a pixel) it may occur an rounding-shift of the scale. 
> Is it possible to stay in the selected scale in future-Versions of mapbender?
this should have been fixed by 2.5 (see 
Will look at it.

> Wie kann man das "Problem" umgehen?
> Wird sich das mit der Überarbeitung der Druckfunktionen (Vers. 2.7) ändern?
da muss sich jemand anderes melden, aber die sind wahrscheinlich alle 
noch auf der INTERGEO.



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