[Mapbender-users] show own search result in map and overview

Andreas Voit a_voit at gmx.at
Sun Apr 11 10:58:24 EDT 2010


i have to do a complex search formular, so I couldn't use the standard
gazeteer search formular.

I used some php and javascript code to build up my formular. the
searching is great and it displays the result in a nice popup window.
But I can't show the result in the map.

I know that url parameters for the standard gazeteer are
target=mapframe, overview. I don't know how to access them.

Probaly is it possible to use the standard gazeteer for showing my
search results? I want to send a geometry to the gazetteer module and
then it shoud zoom to the geometry.

is that possible and how?

my system settings:

Mapbender 2.6
Windows XP + SP3
XAMPP 1.7.3
Datenbank Postgres 8.4 + PostGIS
GeoServer 2.0.1


Andreas Voit
FH-Wiener Neustadt
2700 Wiener Neustadt

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