[Mapbender-users] Load WMS: Problem with special characters

beyer at multimediaplan.at beyer at multimediaplan.at
Wed Aug 11 09:53:50 EDT 2010

Hi List,

I encountered a problem with the Load WMS option a few days ago. The WMS was
not loaded into my MB, and at least I could figure out that this happened
because layer names are written with some special characters in the incoming
return to the GetCapabilities request. (It's a Czech WMS - they have kind a
lot of special characters there...)

I asked the WMS provider if there were a possibility to put a service online
without special characters, but unfortunately the answer was: "No, we do not
have working time left for replacing these characters."

I also saved the GetCapabilites doc on my system, replaced the special
characters manually, and used the URL of the xml file instead of the real
GetCapabilites URL to load the WMS. It loads into MB then, but cannot be
displayed in the map (obviously because the layers themselvers contain
characters, not only the layer descriptions).

I would appreciate any help to solve this problem.


Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Beyer

CEIT ALANOVA gemeinnützige GmbH
Concorde Business Park 2/F
2320 Schwechat

Tel: ++43 664 885 19 555
Fax: ++43 1 90360 - 1299

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