[Mapbender-users] gazetteerWFS no search result

Tilo Wütherich tilo.wuetherich at la-bw.de
Tue Feb 23 03:31:48 EST 2010

Hi Mapbender-Devs, 

> > I have perhaps a coding problem with gazetteerWFS. If I 
> > search for words
> > with Umlaute, I get no results. My setup is:
> I found the the mistake: changing to define("CHARSET", 
> "ISO-8859-1") helped.
> I'm just wondering why, because all of my datasources are UTF-8...

I found out, that this is not a good idea: after changing this, I cannot
update WMS or WFS anymore. So I have to change back and forth - this seems
to be a bug.

Shall I open a trac-ticket?



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