[Mapbender-users] new project in mapbender Gallery - Geoportal Hidrofalcon Venezuela

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Fri May 28 03:37:47 EDT 2010

Hello Mapbender-user,

there is a new project in the Mapbender Gallery - Geoportal Hidrofalcon 
Venezuela [1]

IDEGEOVEN, is the project to make the SDI in Venezuela. The Technology 
of Information National Center CNTI aims to promote the use of free 
software in accordance with Decree 3.390 of preferential use of FOSS in 
Public Administration. CNTI has funded the Node Hidroven-Hidrofalcon as 
part of IDEGEOVEN using 100% FOSS4G software (Apache, Mapserver, 
PostgreSQL, PostGIS, gvSIG, and GeoNetwork Mapbender). This project has 
been developed by gvSIG ASSOCIATION.

Thanks to Valenty Gonzalez.

Best regards Astrid Emde


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