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karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
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Hi there,
a client wants a query builder I made in MapBender + ExtJS  extended in such a way that it can look at 2 columns in the PostGIS database, then the GUI lets the user pick an operation on the two columns - let's say population2010 - population2000 = mapresult.
My app will then  suggest class breaks for the mapresult (generated via AJAX call and server side PHP + sql + whatever, pgsql function), the user picks one of several options in the ExtJS User interface, and that will be sent to MapServer to create layers from the query builder input... For example colors and all can be chosen from several options or one could say do 4 classes or do 6 or whatever .
A friend suggested that this would be most efficiently done using SLDs... I was wondering since SLDs are integrated since MapBender v 2.5 what the status of that is and if I could generate an SLD xml on the fly via PHP or such and if MapBender will be able to accept that for generating a dynamic legend and layer for the user.
I guess I could have a placeholder/template layer in my MapServer map file that does not shown up usually , but can be switched on when a query is run, to use as the basis which will be based on PostGIS data statement with replacement variable ...which then receives the SLD for rendering purposes ...
Any suggestions if that could easily work and any roadblocks to expect ?

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