[Mapbender-users] problem referencing external js library in MB

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Wed Jan 18 20:50:59 EST 2012

Hi all,
I am in the process to update a MapBender site v 2.4.4 to v 2.7.2 while
migrating to a new server. The application is using the ExtJS 2.X library in
2.4.4 and I am trying to reference the Js libraries in the new MapBender
GUI. In 2.4.4 I just did add some reverences in index.html to reverence the
JavaScript but that proved troublesome in 2.7.2. >On IRC I got a hint that I
could add a JS library just by adding a new element (like the JQuery libs
are integrated. So I tried that and added ext-base.js to my gui - the
following  is the SQL for that:
INSERT INTO gui_element(fkey_gui_id, e_id, e_pos, e_public, e_comment,
e_title, e_element, e_src, e_attributes, e_left, e_top, e_width, e_height,
e_z_index, e_more_styles, e_content, e_closetag, e_js_file, e_mb_mod,
e_target, e_requires, e_url) VALUES('ocla4','ext_base',1,1,'ext 2 lib
base','','','','',NULL ,NULL ,NULL ,NULL ,NULL
However when I then try to load my site (this is only the first JS lib I
need to add, but even with that) I am getting the following error in Firebug
(site url replaced with xyz.com ) :
(a || "").replace is not a function
Line 53
Would anybody have a hint what is going on and how I can integrate ExtJS (or
the references easily into my site also in v 2.7.2. which was absolutely
easy in MB v 2.4.4) ?
Thanks for any help

Karsten Vennemann

2119 Boyer Ave E 
Seattle, WA  98112


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