[Mapbender-users] Setting a marker

"Jäger, Frank (KRZ)" F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Mon May 7 03:05:02 EDT 2012

Hallo Helmut,
you can use "&mb_myPOI=" [1] in the URL to the initial load of a Mapbender-Application (GUI).

Best in combination with &mb_myBBOX="  [2] or "&mb_myPOI2SCALE=" [3] and with "name" and "password" to skip login-dialog.




[1] http://mapbender.org/HighlightPOI#deutsch ( http://mapbender.org/Upgrade_to_2.7#mb_myPOI )
[2] http://mapbender.org/Mb_myBBOX#deutsch
[3] http://mapbender.org/Mod_setPoi2Scale


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	Hello list,
	I would like to set a marker in a mapbender application.
	Thank you very much, Helmut

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