[Mapbender-users] Problem with wms in a mapbender copy

Armin Retterath armin.retterath at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 09:53:33 PDT 2013

hello charles,

check your curl connection - is the server able to get urls from the given
ip s and ports?
do you work via proxy?
here is our connection configuration (mapbender.conf)

# --------------------------------------------
# type of server-connection
# curl, socket, http
# --------------------------------------------
define("CONNECTION", "curl");
#define("CONNECTION", "http");
#define("CONNECTION", "socket");

define("CONNECTION_PROXY", "XX.XX.XX.XX"); // ip
define("CONNECTION_PORT", "8080"); // port
#define("CONNECTION_PROXY", ""); // ip
#define("CONNECTION_PORT", ""); // port
#define("CONNECTION_USER", ""); // user
define("CONNECTION_PASSWORD", ""); // password
define("CONNECTION_USERAGENT", "Mapbender");

# --------------------------------------------
# HOSTs not for Proxy (curl)
# --------------------------------------------
define("NOT_PROXY_HOSTS", "localhost,");

we work via proxy.
if you have no proxy you have to define empty strings like:

define("CONNECTION_PROXY", ""); // ip
define("CONNECTION_PORT", ""); // port

i think, that your server has no connection to the network - or no php-curl
module installed? (php5-curl)

please test to load the capabilities url via wget or curl at the shell. to
use a proxy you may have first set the proxy environment:

export http_proxy=http://YOURPROXYIP:YOURPROXYPORT

wget -O /tmp/test1.xml '

if the url can be loaded via curl you may have s.th. to to with the missing



2013/8/20 Charles Nievas <cnievas-npm at adinet.com.uy>

> When i try to load wms from local geoserver mapbender tell me
> file:**geoserver/wms?REQUEST=**
> GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS&**VERSION=1.1.1sql<>error: ERROR: no existe una sentencia preparada sin nombre ROLLBACK
> performed....
> Thanks very much
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