[Mapbender-users] WFS-Conf Datepicker: -1 Day?

Jäger, Frank (KRZ) F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Thu Feb 7 05:59:42 PST 2013

first time that I use the Datepicker for Digitize.

  von date, 
WFS: GeoServer 2.2

Mapbender 2.7.3, WFS-Conf, HTML-Template:
<input data='{\"dateFormat\": \"yy-mm-dd\"}' type='text' id='von' class='hasdatepicker' />

See [1] [2]

I pick "2013-02-07" in Mapbender-Digitze.

Value in PostGIS and WMS-FeaturInfo show me: "2013-02-06".

Why is it shifted 1 day?

Frank Jäger

[1] http://trac.osgeo.org/mapbender/ticket/849
[2] http://www.mapbender.org/Template:WFS_Konfiguration 

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