[Mapbender-users] mb 2.7.3 vendorspecific

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Fri Jan 11 16:49:45 PST 2013

Hi all,
I am working on porting the last pieces of a MB 2.4.3 applciation to MB v
2.7.3. The alst thing I need to fix is a custom vendorspecific parameter
that is added to a query layer ( a wms MapServer layer with query string) .
The exisitng code from my 2.4.3 installation is not working any more. The
code below gives me the error
"Can't read property wms from undefined "
in line
In mod_add_vendorspecific.php I have the following:
var cruiseFilter = 'select * from counties where 1=2';
var addAffectedWMSTitle = "Query";
function mod_vs_init(wmsTitle, functionName) {
 if (functionName == 'setMapRequest' || functionName ==
'setSingleMapRequest') { 
  if (wmsTitle == addAffectedWMSTitle){
   var cruiseFilterString = escape(cruiseFilter);
   return 'cruiseFilterCondition=' + cruiseFilterString;
function  buildMapfileFilter(themapSQL){
 cruiseFilter = themapSQL;
 zoom("mapframe1", true,0.9999);
Any hint is greatly appreciated


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