[Mapbender-users] Prototype - new digitize module

Armin Retterath armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de
Mon Aug 11 00:19:33 PDT 2014

hello list,

we are developing a new digitize module in trunk which handles geojson 
geometries. the module has possibilities to upload and export local data 
(kml, gpx and geojson). the data is stored as an extension in the wmc 
document which holds the state of the client. when saving a wmc, the 
data is also saved in mapbenders database and the user have a list with 
his 'own spatial datasets'.
some things like publishing, annotations and printing are not 
implemented yet, but the module works already ;-) .
before we will put it live on our production system, we would be 
pleased, if some of you can give some feedback about the usability of 
this new module (it will be part of the next version of mapbender 2 and 
maybe the concepts can be used for mapbender 3 sometimes).

link to the gui (hidden, can only invoked by this link):


thanx in advance and regards


Zentrale Stelle Geodateninfrastruktur

Ferdinand-Sauerbruch-Straße 15
56073 Koblenz

armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de

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