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Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
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Hallo Mapbender-User,

 if you want to see Mapbender3 in Action, have a look at the Geoportal
from Kreis Lippe. 

http://geo.kreislippe.de/ [5] 

The Geoportal Kreis Lippe provides lots of Mapbender3 applications for
different subjects. 

Service configurations can be saved as WMC and applications can be
loaded with the WMC configurations (see also

In the layertree you can change the opacity for a service and zoom to
the extent of the service. 

You have a fast and simple to use search module for addresses and

Load additional Services 

In the BPlan-Auskunft you can load additional Services via FeatureInfo
(see also



Best regards

Astrid Emde

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