[Mapbender-users] problem with a Mapbender3 plugin

Manns, Marc Marc.Manns at remscheid.de
Wed Jul 22 00:05:50 PDT 2015

Hello list

I got some trouble to get the desktop integration bundle work with Mapbender 3.
see under:

I never used it before and followed the steps under:

My installation seems to be successful because I can call the route /di .

After the initialization of an application ==> see [1]
I would like to zoom to a specific coordinate ==>see [2]
But this doesn't work.
The second link opens a new browser tab and zoom to the start extent.

Does anyone got a clue what i'm doing wrong ?

regards Marc

[1] http://geoportal.remscheid.de/mapbender305/di/mapbender_user?a=3<http://geoportal.remscheid.de/mapbender305/di/mapbender_user_yml?a=3>

[2] http://geoportal.remscheid.de/mapbender305/di/mapbender_user?a=3&mapbender:zoomTo=375800,5672250,5000000
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