[Mapbender-users] Error loading secure WMS layers from Geoserver

zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz
Wed Aug 24 22:12:44 PDT 2016

Hi Dear Mapbender Users!!!

Please help me with secure error!!

I am using Mapbender 3 with Geoserver WMS layers. But I need my layers to be secured. So I added new role and did secure my workplace in my Geoserver.

I add new resource in Mapbender with secure credentials, and WMS parse OK. But when I open the Application my layers is not available.
In firebug I have requests like localhost/mapbender/application/Geoportal/instance/10/tunnel?<and Wms parameters> and it gives me "Internal server error 500"

Thank you for your advise

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