[Mapbender-users] Mapbender (2.7.4): Digitizer functionalities

Jäger, Frank (KRZ) F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Wed Feb 3 03:17:05 PST 2016

Hi Lukas,
I have an Installation of Mapbender 2.7.4 in use.
I use some WFS from mapserver for searching and also some WFS-T from Geoserver for digitizing.

WFS-Configuration in Mapbender 2..74 is very tricky.

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> Go to 'Assign WFS conf to application' and assign the new conf to an
> application." So far so good, but when I tried to assign the wfs configuration to
> a GUI, the configuration I just created did not show up in the list.

It is no WFS-Conf shown, when the Admin-GUI "Edit WFS" is loaded.
But a WFS-Conf is shown in the "WFS CONFIURATION LIST" (left bottom), when the related WFS is marked in the "WFS LIST" (left top).
Or "all assigned WFS configurations" is selected.

>  When I
> checked under "edit existing wfs configuration" it didn't show up either.

A (new) WFS-Conf is in the Edit-List only after it is assigned to at least one GUI.
I can't see a reason for this, I think, it's just ab bug.

So if you solved the "assign"-problem, you have also solved the "edit-list"-Problem, too.

> Regards
> Lukas

Other "WFS-Conf-Tricks":

*WFS-Conf für "Search", Selectbox:

  <select id='myColumn' style='position:absolute; left:100px;'>
  <option value=''>...</option>

  So the search-fields look nice alined with a style.
  The build-in Template "<option>...</option>" didn't work, a *value=''* is missing.


*WFS-Conf für "Digitize", Selectbox:

  <select id='myColumn'>

  Don’t use a style here as in "Search".


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