[Mapbender-users] Error when trying to make a custom template

Andreas Schmitz andreas.schmitz at wheregroup.com
Mon Jun 13 05:47:28 PDT 2016

Uwe Seher wrote:


> I am trying to create a own template for mapbender3 v At the
> moment i have downloaded the sample code and go through the description.
> The tree for the DemoTemplate is in $INSTALL_DIR/mapbender/src/ on the same
> level as the Mapbender-Dir. All files and dirs are owned by the
> webserver-user.
> When i get to this point in the tutorial:
> app/console assets:install web --symlink --relative
> this error appears:
> PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Workshop\DemoBundle\WorkshopDemoBundle' not
> found in /srv/www/htdocs/mapbender3- on line
> 40

this means that you don't have the WorkshopDemoBundle class. You can
check what files you have in mapbender/src/Workshop/DemoBundle (you
should have WorkshopDemoBundle.php) and if the class is correctly
named (namespace Workshop\DemoBundle; and class WorkshopDemoBundle

Best regards, Andreas
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