[Mapbender-users] Connection error with geometry server, internal error 500

zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz
Mon May 2 20:12:13 PDT 2016

Hi Astrid
Thanks for your support!!!
I checked all path in DB and YML files, looks the same.
I tried clear cache, but still got problems. In app_dev mode it works fine.

What I noticed in browser console that is error 500 on localhost/mapbender3/application/Portal/element/107/select?

Thank you

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Hi Zhandos,

please check the real name of your Database in PostgreSQL. Is it named seach_db as you wrote in parameter.yml (database2_name:     search_db)?

Are you allowed to access the database?
Clear the cache
Call Mapbender with app_dev.php to get the errors. Something like http://localhost/mapbender3/app_dev.php

The rest looks fine.

Best regards


Am 30.04.2016 09:09, schrieb zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz<mailto:zh.kerimkulov at gharysh.kz>:
Hello Mapbender Users!!!

I tried to use Digitizer element, but faced connection error with geometry server.

Step by step:

1/ I changed config.yml file:

        default_connection: default
                driver:   %database_driver%
                host:     %database_host%
                port:     %database_port%
                dbname:   %database_name%
                path:     %database_path%
                user:     %database_user%
                password: %database_password%
                charset:  UTF8
                logging: %kernel.debug%
                profiling: %kernel.debug%
                driver:   %database2_driver%
                host:     %database2_host%
                port:     %database2_port%
                dbname:   %database2_name%
                path:     %database2_path%
                user:     %database2_user%
                password: %database2_password%
                charset:  UTF8
                logging: %kernel.debug%
                profiling: %kernel.debug%

2/ and parameters.yml file.

    # database-connection "default"
    database_driver:   pdo_pgsql
    database_host:     localhost
    database_port:     5432
    database_name:     mapbender3
    database_path:     ~
    database_user:     postgres
    database_password: postgres

    # database-connection "search_db"
    database2_driver:   pdo_pgsql
    database2_host:     localhost
    database2_port:     5432
    database2_name:     search_db
    database2_path:     ~
    database2_user:     postgres
    database2_password: postgres

3/ then I tried to create DB by console utility like this: app/console doctrine:database:create
But this utility create only default DB, search_db did not created by script. I create it manually and added extension Postgis. After that I added tables with SQL query for tables table public.poi, public.polygons, public.lines, then I added Digitizer element to the side panel of application and put YAML-Definition to the textarea schemes but it did not solve the problem, I still have  "Connection error with geometry server, internal error 500".

Thank you,


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