[Mapbender-users] Mapbender3: Legend/Proxy Issue

Uwe Seher uwe.seher at gmail.com
Wed May 11 00:34:51 PDT 2016


I am running Mapbender and Geoserver 2.8.x on the same machine.
Geoserver is not visible from the outside so i use the proxy-option for
displaying the layers, which works fine.
Only the Legend is not displayed when using proxy, if proxy is off it works
fine. I found, that it is neccessary to configure the owsproxy in
parameters,yml. So long, so good. Can someone tell me what to set for
ows_proxy3_host, ows_proxy3_port and ows_prox3_noproxy for the above
I tried different combinations but nothing seems to work. Other requests
like GetFeatureInfo work as expected.

The apache-log shows severeal entries like this:
[Wed May 11 09:13:14.893725 2016] [php5:error] [pid 5958] [client] PHP Warning:  DOMDocument::loadXML(): Empty string
supplied as input in
on line 576, referer:

mapbender-log shows nothing belonging to a legend.

current config is

# OWSProxy Configuration
    ows_proxy3_logging: true
    ows_proxy3_obfuscate_client_ip: true
    ows_proxy3_host: localhost
    ows_proxy3_port: 8080
    ows_proxy3_connecttimeout: 60
    ows_proxy3_timeout: 90
    ows_proxy3_user: ~
    ows_proxy3_password: ~
    ows_proxy3_noproxy: localhost

The entry for the GetLegendGraphic-Request for the datasources looks like


and looks for all requests the same.

Sorry for the silly question, but i get stuck there for some days now...

Thanks in advance
and have a nice time

Uwe Seher
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