[Mapbender-users] composer update fails due to toooni/fpdf package

Axel Schaefer axel.schaefer at wheregroup.com
Wed May 25 04:19:00 PDT 2016

Dear Mapbender developers (cc/x-post: mapbender_users)

If you want to do a composer update you'll notice an error concerning 
the package:  toooni/fpdf. The package cannot be found and used.

The package is referenced in composer.json:
         "toooni/fpdf": "dev-master",

We are looking for a solution how to prevent that issue and will provide 
a hotfix for that.

Project-specific builds, that some users use are not affected by this. 
Although if you do a composer update or composer install for yourself 
you'll run into this error.


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