[Mapbender-users] option for instant mouse over info ?

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Sat Dec 30 11:48:58 PST 2017

Hi All,
I wanted to give Mapbender v3  a try ( after having used Mapbender 2.X for
the many years)  and was wondering if there is the option to configure a
mouse over popup info (as one can do in OpenLayers stand alone) for a vector
layer (e.g. a geojson layer) ?
I know that the usual data layer source for Mapbender are all WMS and WFS
layers but I have seen vector layers for example being used for redlining in
version 3.
Is it somehow possible to configure a (instant) vector feature attribute
mouse over popup (instead of the standard getfeatureinfo request)?
>From my view there seem to be two issues in relation to this idea that I
could not figure out: 
1.) how to add a geojson vector layer and 
2.) how to add a mouse over popup info tool ...
Karsten Vennemann
Terra GIS 

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