[Mapbender-users] Mapbender3 at FOSS4G-Europe in Paris, Marne la Vallée 18-22. July 2017

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Thu Jun 22 00:57:46 PDT 2017

Hello Mapbender community,

Mapbender3 will be present at FOSS4G Europe 2017 in Paris, Marne la 
Vallée 18-22. July 2017. There will be a workshop and a presentation and 
we will be present at OSGeo Code sprint on Saturday.

Workshop W2: Mapbender3: A powerful Geoportal Framework (Astrid Emde)
* Tuesday July 18th.
* https://europe.foss4g.org/2017/Workshops

Presentation: Mapbender3 Presentation and Status Report (Astrid Emde)
* Friday July 21th 14:30-15:00

OSGeo Code Sprint

FOSS4G Europe 2017


Best regards

Astrid Emde from the Mapbender Team

P.S.: FOSS4G Europe is a great event! You should come.

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