[Mapbender-users] Custom element that displays the result of a SQL query

Abrabacabra abrabacabra at openmailbox.org
Wed May 24 19:33:43 PDT 2017

I simply need to display, maybe in the toolbar or something, a single 
dynamic numeric value based on the result of a query made to the 
PostgreSQL database we use for the daily operations of the organization.

It would be preceded by a string like: "The value is:"  ([value])

Is there a currently available element/bundle that allows us to do that?

On 2017-05-24 4:30 AM, Uwe Seher wrote:
> Hello!
> You should provide a little more information what you want to do.
> You can use different approches to solve this. In mapbender i think, 
> you can use something like the search or the digitizer element. These 
> can use a sql-query direct from mapbender. You only have to configure 
> the database connection. But when you use a wms layer in the behind, a 
> getfeatureinfo is maybe the better approach.
> best regards
> Uwe Seher
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