[Mapbender-users] Fwd: MS4W version 4.0.0-beta1 available

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Feb 4 17:43:55 PST 2019

Forwarding the announcement below to the Mapbender community, as 
MS4W-4.0.0-beta1 contains a packaged Mapbender     Note that 
MS4W-4.0.0 contains PHP 7.2.14 and its performance enhancements are very 

(I am aware that Mapbender does not officially support PHP 7.2.x yet, 
but this will give users and devs a Windows environment to test and help 
improve Mapbender for PHP 7.x)

thanks, -jeff

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On 2019-02-04 8:46 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Many Windows users will be very interested that MS4W-4.0.0-beta1 is 
> available now, which will be a huge release of changes, as every library
> (over 200 now) has been upgraded and built with a new compiler (Visual 
> Studio 2017), and contains many great additions overall.  You can test 
> the beta at:
>   - installer: 
> https://ms4w.com/release/experimental/ms4w-4.0.0-beta1-setup.exe 
> (recommended)
>   - archive: https://ms4w.com/release/experimental/ms4w_4.0.0_beta1.zip
> Please see MS4W's HISTORY.txt for all of the changes, but here are some 
> of the highlights:
>   - Mapbox Vector Tile output through MapServer (demo included)
>   - PHP7 mapscript support (using the SWIG API)
>   - usual mapscripts available (Java, Python, CSharp)
>   - embedded Python 3.7.0
>   - running pycsw Catalogue Server
>   - expanded ZOO-Project WPS support (all GDAL/OGR services, Python, 
> PHP, CSharp, Java)
>   - new Matomo Analytics package
>   - simple map viewer on the localhost page
>   - GDAL 2.4.0
>   - MapServer 7.4.0-dev
>   - mod_wsgi for Apache
>   - and many more...
> You can see that MS4W-4.0.0 will be a full SDI for Windows environments, 
> with ~40+ working mapfiles and over 1.7GB of files, empowering DevOps 
> and organizations worldwide.  Also note that this is a major release for 
> MS4W, meaning that some things have changed dramatically (PHPmapscript 
> will now use the SWIG API for example), so please follow MS4W's README 
> for specific instructions for the many plugins and mapscripts.
> When installing, it is very important that (if you are using the .zip) 
> your server must have the C++ Redistributable installed on it 
> beforehand: execute the local file /ms4w/tmp/vcredist_x86.exe 
> (alternatively if you use MS4W's setup.exe installer this is done 
> automatically)
> Please provide your 4.0.0 testing feedback through the MS4W tracker (so 
> the feedback is not lost or forgotten): http://www.ms4w.com/trac/
> Thank you all for sharing your spatial information with MS4W.
> -jeff

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