[Mapbender-users] Highlight feature on click in mb3 ?

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Wed Jan 16 02:33:01 PST 2019

Hi All,

I was trying to test thsi feature in teh MB 3.0.5 version and sucessfulyl
installed it. Now I tried to configure it but was not sure about this part
of the doumnetation in
rst  this says:
How to highlight the geometry
To use this functionality you have to extend your FeatureInfo-Template. It
needs a class="geometryElement", data-srid="EPSG:4326" with the information
about the projection of the data and data-geometry with the WKT presentation
of the geometry:
<table class="geometryElement" data-srid="EPSG:4326"
data-geometry="MULTIPOLYGON(...)" >...</table>
If you use PostgreSQL as datasource in your WMS Service, you can use the
PostGIS function st_asText(geom) to generate the WKT. 

1. So if I use the PostGIS data source how would I go about to create the
WKT ? Would I create a view in teh DB and add a column 'WKT' by using
st_asText(geom) and add that as WMS to mapbender ?

2. In the FeatureInfo-Template if I did create the WKT via PostGIS what
wpould I need to refer to as "data-geometry" ?
How would the syntax look correctly ?
is it
<table class="geometryElement" data-srid="EPSG:4326" data-geometry="WKT"


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Hello Karsten,

there is one solution that can highlight results of a featureInfo (but is is
only working in an older Mapbender version 3.0.5.x)


Would be great to have a funding to reactivate this feature in the actual
version of Mapbender.


Am 2018-11-26 09:44, schrieb karsten:
> Hi all,
> in mapbender 3 is there a functionality to highlight a feature on 
> click - for example that the user can indentify a WMS feature on the 
> map and still see which one was clicked on.
> The only thing I found so far is the search functionality which has 
> something kind of similar by adding a vector layer that shows all 
> features found in teh search and the one selected form the result list 
> ?
> Cheers
> Karsten Vennemann
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