[Mapbender-users] How do you change the basemap source in MapBender?Getting Internal Error for the basic

Gagan Gowda gagan.manjunatha_gowda at dfki.de
Tue May 28 05:32:06 PDT 2019


        I am new to Mapbender and I want to build a simple geoportal for 
maintaining polygon information drawn on the map. So I assume I need 
components like Digitizer and database linked to it. Similar to demo 
digitizer seen here:

By default when I try to mirror the application and try opening it, I 
get Internal error message and the base map does not open. So I wanted 
to change the base map source to the one working from my GeoServer. For 
the base map, by default, the source is from OSM Demo(osm). I tried 
using WMS source from GeoServer but somehow I don't get any output.

I did follow this link" 
But not working in mine

How do I change the Basemap source from Geoserver or any WMS source? Can 
you give me any working example, please

Thanks & Best Regards,


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