[Mapbender-users] Mapbender App Publishing (disable localhost)

David Patzke david.patzke at wheregroup.com
Tue Jun 2 00:26:27 PDT 2020

Hello Walter.

Jörgs' answer might not be wrong but I think this is not exactly what
you are hoping for.
Your question is not exactly Mapbender related more a general question
about webpages and hosting.

You should research a little bit about how a webpage comes into the
internet e.G. here


On 02.06.20 09:17, Jörg Thomsen (WhereGroup) wrote:
> Hello Walter,
> you have to know the ip-address of your vm and the network for the vm
> has to be enabled (you can access websites or external WMS from within
> your vm).
> try 'ifconfig' in the vm's terminal and then use the shown ip-address in
> the browser in your host, this should shw the start-page of the osgeo-live.
> Jörg
> Am 01.06.20 um 00:15 schrieb Walter White Jr.:
>> Hello community,
>> this is surely an elementary question but I am new in the Mapbender
>> world. Using OsGeoLive 13 on the Oracle VM Virtual Box, I have created a
>> WMS (1.3.0) in Geoserver (2.15.1). In Mapbender (, I have
>> created a new application and did all of the necessary configuration,
>> defined the layersets and the layouts. The problem is I see the app just
>> as localhost (also in Geoserver) so I cannot call the app from another
>> computer. My aim is to publish the app for the broad public and not just
>> as localhost. Can you please tell me how to do that or which settings
>> are necessary? I don´t know if this has something to do with the
>> Virtuall Machine itself or if I need to do something in
>> Geoserver/Mapbender. Or is this in OsGeoLive in general not possible and
>> do I need to install Geoserver and Mapbender manually? I am not sure if
>> the OsGeoLive cointains automatically after installation the Apache or
>> no (maybe this could be the issue). I know how to create the WMS layer
>> incl. styles etc. or configure the app in Mapbender but I don´t know to
>> publish is as an open web-service for everyone...
>> Many thanks for your help.
>> Walter Jr. 
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