[Mapbender-users] wfs-search - no result

v.botz volker.emmel at lwk-rlp.de
Wed Mar 18 07:06:53 PDT 2020

i usw mapbender 2.7.8 and geoserver for a web-mapping application.

after testing some possible side-applications, including changes on
postgresql and mapbender-guis >
i realised that the fuse was broken.

>> I have on Problem:   *the wfs-search shows no results...* (editing
>> existing wfs and so is possible) 
*the mapbender.log  says:*
2020.03.18, 14:06:49,ERROR: User '35182' is not allowed to access Wfs conf
2020.03.18, 14:08:24,ERROR: User '1' is not allowed to access Wfs conf 94.

does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

thanx k.

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