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just as an idea: with some extra code you may be able to get the GML from the WFS and then translate it with GDAL ogr2ogr to shapefile format and prepare it for download.
(We currently test a similar code to get a shapefile from an ecternal WKT database using the extent of mapbender. But we didn’t code it self, so I have to ask our partner for details.) But the risk is, that’s code that may run out of the current mapbender version soon.
For more details please ask me directly: reiner.goeldner at lfa.sachsen.de<mailto:reiner.goeldner at lfa.sachsen.de>

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hi i am trying to have the ability to export a wfs service as a shp file.
As far as i know this tool doesn't exist in mapbender but i'm trying to code it if anyone have an idea of how i could do this that would be great.


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