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Marcin Niemyjski mniemyjski at cloudferro.com
Mon Jun 20 07:51:39 PDT 2022


I'm back with some questions about MapBender. I created a WMS layer which after uploading to QGIS or Mapbender looks like this: https://pasteboard.co/vM3SKvRZ5krL.png
I need the displayed wms not to cover other layers. The WMS comes from mapcache, and the tiles are transparent when checked in another program.
When I win this way to QGIS https://pasteboard.co/IU3LV6yB57Kv.png I get the effect I wanted https://pasteboard.co/ojWVBug6yDLC.png

Could you please advise me how I could achieve such state of things in MapBender?

The source paths that are shown by qgis when adding a new wms layer (the one with the black background and the good one with the transparent one) differ only in tileMatrixSet=.

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