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Marcin Niemyjski mniemyjski at cloudferro.com
Tue Jun 21 02:14:31 PDT 2022

Hello Astrid,

I use Mapbender 3.3.0. As you recomended I created GetMap request with Transparency parameter set on True. This is the result: https://pasteboard.co/TVfZV2ctv10s.png
and the request:

I tried changing the BGCOLOR, but the background remains black. So it's not a Mapbender bug (good job 🙂 ), but do you have any idea what I can change to make it work, I would appreciate any suggestions.

See you,
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Hello Marcin,

what version of Mapbender do you use?

There was a bug, that Mapbender does not send the parameter
TRANSPARENT=TRUE in upper case in the getMap-Request. Some services
ignore the parameter, when it is in lower case.

Image png is fine for a layer with transparency

Please check your getMap-Request and modify it. If TRANSPARENT=TRUE
solves the problem you can go to the Mapbender code and fix it.

You find a desciption here:



The fix will also be available in the next version.

See you Astrid

Am 2022-06-20 16:51, schrieb Marcin Niemyjski:
> Hello,
> I'm back with some questions about MapBender. I created a WMS layer
> which after uploading to QGIS or Mapbender looks like this:
> https://pasteboard.co/vM3SKvRZ5krL.png
>  I need the displayed wms not to cover other layers. The WMS comes
> from mapcache, and the tiles are transparent when checked in another
> program.
> When I win this way to QGIS https://pasteboard.co/IU3LV6yB57Kv.png [1]
> I get the effect I wanted https://pasteboard.co/ojWVBug6yDLC.png [2]
> Could you please advise me how I could achieve such state of things in
> MapBender?
> The source paths that are shown by qgis when adding a new wms layer
> (the one with the black background and the good one with the
> transparent one) differ only in tileMatrixSet=.
>  Best regards,
> Marcin
> Links:
> ------
> [1] https://pasteboard.co/IU3LV6yB57Kv.png
> [2] https://pasteboard.co/ojWVBug6yDLC.png
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