[Mapbender-users] autocomplete not working on router search

ihara.olivera at imm.gub.uy ihara.olivera at imm.gub.uy
Tue May 17 06:49:37 PDT 2022

hi, i´m configuring a router search in mapbender 3.3 version and i cant make the autocomplete work.If anyone can help me, 

this is the config field of the search: 

class: Mapbender\CoreBundle\Component\SQLSearchEngine 
connection: nucleo 
relation: sig_cruces_vias 
- cod_nombre_via_ini 
- nom_calle_ini 
- cod_nombre_via_fin 
- nom_calle_fin 
geometry_attribute: the_geom 
type: Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\TextType 
required: true 
label: 'Calle (Montevideo)' 
data-autocomplete: 'on' 
data-autocomplete-distinct: 'on' 
compare: iexact 
type: Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\TextType 
required: false 
label: 'Cruce con' 
data-autocomplete: 'on' 
data-autocomplete-distinct: 'on' 
compare: exact 
view: table 
count: false 
cod_nombre_via_ini: 'Codigo de calle' 
nom_calle_ini: Calle 
cod_nombre_via_fin: 'Codigo de Cruce' 
nom_calle_fin: Cruce 
event: click 
buffer: 10 
minScale: null 
maxScale: null 
strokeColor: '#00ff00' 
strokeOpacity: 1 
strokeWidth: 3 
fillColor: '#00ff00' 
fillOpacity: 0.6 
pointRadius: 6 


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