[Mapbender-users] Branding not working

Tjiko Schutte tjikoschutte at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 12 05:47:34 PDT 2022

Hi Astrid,
Thank you! That's a quick response. Will try that.

Another quick question. Can we delete the demo applications?

The top demo applications I cant remove (only view and copy)”:

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D8DE49.8F29F4A0]

Kind regards,

Tjiko Schutte

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Hello Tjiko,

have a look at the workshop demo file to check your configuration.


You can place you image in the web folder to try

     branding.logo: ./my_logo.png

     branding.login_backdrop: ./my_login_image.png

I guess it is a cache problem.

go to app/cache and delete the content in the folder

try the developer mode of Mapbender


See you


Am 2022-10-12 14:37, schrieb Tjiko Schutte:

> Hi,

> I like the mapbender project. Its a great viewer.

> Configuring works great. One thing that I can't make work is the

> branding part.


> I hope you guys have some time to help me.


> I followed this instruction:


> https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender-documentation/blob/master/en/cu

> stomization/yaml.rst



> I used spaces not tabs.


> I did a ../console cach:clear.


> But it's not showing. What am I doing wrong?


> Part of the yml file:


> Thanks in advance and kind regards,

> Tjiko Schutte

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