[Mapbender-users] Manipulation of Mapbender content directly from url adress

Marcin Niemyjski mniemyjski at cloudferro.com
Tue Sep 6 03:13:27 PDT 2022

Hello Astrid,

it would be a great pleasure to talk to you live!

I would like to further ask if there is any tutorial / manual describing how to write your own elements for Mapbender? I have no problem writing simple code with a SQL query returning geometry, however it remains incomprehensible to me how I could implement it in mapbender.

Have a nice day,
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Hello Marcin,

oh - you have been to FOSS4G and we did not talk. Next time we
definitely have to talk in person.

The feature you are looking for is not possible with Mapbender at the
moment out of the box. But you could write a small element for this
purpose. The element would search for the geometry that refers to the
id, gives back the geojson and would draw it on the map.

Alternatively you could add a marker already to the map via adding the
additional poi paramter on start

With text

Only the marker

Enjoy Mapbender


Am 2022-08-26 12:19, schrieb Marcin Niemyjski:
> Hello,
>  I come back to you with a question - Is it possible to achieve a
> similar effect to SearchRouter but using the mapbender url. I am
> thinking of dynamicly highlighting and displaying  only a selected
> object from the WMS layer fulfilling an assumption, e.g. id = 1 by
> adding something to the link like &Id=1
>  effect which I'm thinking about (small red parcell in the middle:
>  https://pasteboard.co/6McRQfkjIR1Q.png
>  Thank you for your work and I am glad to watch you at Foss4g
> 🙂Marcin
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