[mapguide-dev] Native KML/KMZ?

Robert Bray robert.bray at autodesk.com
Thu Jul 6 14:50:09 EDT 2006


We are beginning to look at options for direct KML support. For me one
of the more exciting aspects of KML 2.1 is the level of detail support.
With this addition we hope to output Layers and Maps directly to
KML/KMZ. Stay tuned, we'll post a paper for dev feedback on how we plan
to support this a little later this summer. In the meantime feel free to
post any thoughts or ideas you have on the subject. 


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Hi all,

I think that GeoServer has done an awesome job in implementing KML/KMZ
support, especially in the ability to switch from feature service to
image service based on the features that would be returned.

Unfortunately, I don't have the ability/support to run a Java-based
service on my servers.

Anyone considering adding this kind of functionality to MapGuide core?


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