[mapguide-internals] Problem with multi-thread update

Simon Pelicon simon at sl-king.com
Mon Jun 11 08:55:01 EDT 2007


I have some problem with updating (update/insert/delete) features.

When I try to  update features at the same time ( multi-thread ),
MapGuide Server stops working ( FDO exception is returned ).

I debugged MapGuide Server and i noticed that before any update in

MgServerFeatureService::UpdateFeatures ( line 480 in
MgServerFeatureService.cpp )

RemoveFeatureServiceCacheEntry function is called (Line 485 in

If i comment out RemoveFeatureServiceCacheEntry function call it seams
that MapGuide Server works OK.


Do you know what could be the problem for this behaviour?

I use MapGuide Server 1.1.0 version.





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