[mapguide-internals] Release of MGOS 1.2.0

Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Thu Jun 28 15:48:33 EDT 2007

I thought we had eliminated the multithreaded access to the FDO GDAL
provider; i.e., all access to the GDAL provider has been serialized.  If
the MapGuide server is still accessing the FDO GDAL provider
simultaneously with multiple threads, then there is a defect in the
server.  We should fix the server in this case.  Haris, have you seen
where the server is failing to serialize the access?


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In discussions with Haris, it has become clear to me that the stability
problems relate to using fdogdal in multithreaded fashion with no
internal serialization.

The underlying GDAL library is "fairly" threadsafe as long as only
one thread at a time is accessing a given dataset.  But even that is
not at all assured under the current use pattern.

I think we need to put a BigLock (tm) around GDAL in fdogdal 3.2.2
and a finer grained locking system in fdogdal 3.3 (trunk).

We could use Haris' patch though from a quick description it does
not sound to me like it is comprehensive.  I'm also willing to prepare
a fix for this if someone can test it heavily.

I'd add that there is no (apparent) way of testing multithreaded
access in the current regression tests for FDO which is a bit

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