[mapguide-internals] Google SoC Updates

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Mar 9 15:57:31 EST 2007

I considered it, but I think that the thing which aggregates the feeds should be MapGuide working through an FDO provider - not something that I'd be a great mentor for :)
It's tempting to build these things at the client side (especally because it allows users to add their own layers) but if so why not just look at implementing and enhancing a 3rd party library (openlayers?) for this kind of thing as well as on-the-fly WMS, etc?
Oh.  And creating a GeoRSS client is somewhat complicated.  You have to be able to parse RSS 1 & 2, Atom, and three forms of geometry: W3C, Simple, and also the GeoRSS GML profile, which also implies projection support.  None of the supported geometry is especially complex by MapGuide standards, but there is some overhead in all of the potential combinations.


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Ok, I think all the mentors are in now and all of the project
descriptions have been updated. We have the weekend to finish tweaking
this, but at this point it's looking pretty good.

Thanks to whoever added the Web Services entry! I made a couple of minor
updates but it looks pretty good.

For the GeoRSS project have we considered the opposite, something that
can aggregate GeoRSS feeds and add the GeoRSS content as points on a map?

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