[mapguide-internals] GeoRSS input (Was: Google SoC Updates)

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Mar 10 01:29:40 EST 2007

Hmm.  I was thinking something like the WFS FDO provider.  One data-source per feed; adding multiple data sources to a map would provide "aggregation".  Sounds like you've got something else in mind.
So... would you want to define a set of sites to pull data from, and an FDO feature class to store the data in?  Then something server-side would poll for new data every N minutes and update the database?  I think that might be a reasonable solution.  It would give isolation from service failure anyway.
I'd probably want to use a fairly simple schema for storing the feeds.  One class for storing a list of feeds (with attributes like name, URL, last updated, etc) and another class for the articles:  common entities like geometry, title, article text, and pubdate extracted into their own columns, and then maybe XML/RDF content of the article in a "clob"?  
This last might not be all that great an idea though, given that the data would be potentially getting pulled from three different types of feed.  Might be better to support only a subset of columns.


From: Robert Bray
Subject: Re: [mapguide-internals] Google SoC Updates

I personally don't think of aggregation as a provider, but it needs to
use a provider to store the data. I could see it either at the service
level or web application level. I would not do it purely client-side
(e.g. open layers style), because I might want to use the points I
gather to do some geospatial analysis...

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