[mapguide-internals] Individual Contributor License Agreement and Spanish Localization

Jorge Rubio j.e.rubio at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 15:20:42 EDT 2007

Hi friends

I sent a signed Individual Contributor License Agreement by fax as was
suggested when I sent the first e-mail offering spanish localization.

In order to do an accurate translation to spanish I need more info about
what the following exceptions and error
description mean and when they are achieved.

When I finish translation, files will uploaded following Tom instructions.

MgCoordinateSystemMeasureFailedException              = The coordinate
system measure failed.
MgDwfSectionNotFoundException                         = The specified
section was not found: %1
MgDwfSectionResourceNotFoundException                 = The specified
section resource was not found: %1
MgEmptyFeatureSetException                            = The feature set is
MgEndOfStreamException                                = End of stream
MgFeatureServiceException                             = Feature Service
exception - %1
MgInvalidCastException                                = Invalid cast.
MgInvalidDwfSectionException                          = Invalid DWF section:
MgInvalidFeatureSourceException                       = Feature Source - %1
MgInvalidLogEntryException                            = An invalid log entry
was found.
MgInvalidOperationVersionException                    = The requested
operation version is invalid.
MgInvalidResourcePreProcessingTypeException           = Invalid resource
pre-processing type.
MgInvalidStreamHeaderException                        = Invalid stream
header exception.
MgLengthException                                     = A length exception
MgLogicException                                      = # Logic exception.
MgStreamIoException                                   = A stream IO
exception occurred.

MgContentDocumentNotEmpty                             = The content document
is not empty.
MgContentNotNull                                      = The content is not
MgCoordinateDimensionDifferent                        = The coordinate
dimensions are different.
MgDataReaderIdNotFound                                = The data reader ID
was not found.
MgDocumentIdentifierFilenameFailed                    = Failed to get the
filename from the document identifier because no matching document path
MgFeatureReaderIdNotFound                             = The feature reader
ID was not found.
MgGroupAndRoleNotEmpty                                = Both the group and
role are not empty.
MgHeaderDocumentNotEmpty                              = The header document
is not empty.
MgInvalidAgfText                                      = The AGF text is
invalid because it failed to parse into a valid geometry object.
MgInvalidFeatureSpatialOperation                      = The feature spatial
operation is invalid because it is not recognized.
MgInvalidLogType                                      = The log type is
invalid because it is not recognized.
MgInvalidMapPlotCollectionMapPlotInstruction          = The map plot is
invalid because it contains an unrecognized map plot instruction.
MgInvalidNode                                         = The node is invalid
because it is not an element node or a document node.
MgInvalidWebTargetType                                = The web target type
is invalid because it is not recognized.
MgInvalidWebTargetViewerType                          = The web target
viewer type is invalid because it is not recognized.
MgInvalidWebWidgetType                                = The web widget type
is invalid because it is not recognized.
MgInvalidFdoProvider                                  = Invalid Feature
Provider specified.
MgBatchInsertNotSupported                             = Provider does not
support batch insert. Only one Feature instance is allowed.
MgNoFeaturesForInsert                                 = No Features for
Insert supplied

Lic. Jorge Rubio

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