[mapguide-internals] Request for submission

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Sun Mar 25 23:22:45 EDT 2007

The only issue I see with that is that it will encourage discussion 
within Trac and lessens the visibility of patches (only those associated 
with the ticket will see it). This has a high potential for patches 
getting lost.

The first issue, discussion within the bug tracker is frowned upon by some.

As a solution, maybe the patch should be attached to the ticket and an 
e-mail should be sent to this list notifying developers of it's 
availability. Discussion of the patch could then take place on the list 
rather than in Trac.



Andy Morsell wrote:
> I agree that the patch files themselves do not belong in the mailing list
> and should instead be in a centralized and organized place on the wiki 
> Andy 
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> Folks,
> I know that the instructions say that patches should go to the mailing list,
> but I'd really rather see these uploaded to the Trac Wiki attached to
> enhancement tickets.  This would allow for more centralised management of
> change requests.  Emails can then be sent to the list with a URL if desired.
> Thoughts?
> If not, we'll have to adjust the list to allow more attachments, something
> that I'm not really all that enthusiastic about :)
> Jason
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> Hi,
> I would like to submit this patch to update couple files in viewerfiles
> folder for the Layerdefinition-1.0.0 to 1.1.0 change.
> This update fixes problems with Buffer / Measure commands in the
> viewersample applications.
> Note: apply patch inside OS\Web\src\viewerfiles
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