[mapguide-internals] New versions King.Oracle King.MsSqlSpatial Fdo2Fdo

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Wed Mar 28 08:58:47 EDT 2007



King.Oracle v0.6.4:

*	Added for batch insert to use Oracle Sequence if identity column
is not set or is null.
	If identity column is not null then it will use that column
value and it will reset Oracle sequence accordingly. 
*	Oracle with geometries with GType Null will not cause MG to stop
( but it will not draw further geometries for that layer)
*	Use ApplySchema for Classes without Geometry Property 
*	FeatureReader will throw exception for invalid geometries. 
*	Issue fixed for some types of curved geometries

King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.2:

*	Increased buffer for reading geometries; Now it is fixed size -
this will be changed 
	In previous release if geometry was to big error was generated
and no geometry displayed
*	Using "[" "]" to enclose schema and table names in queries. 

Fdo2Fdo v0.7.3:

-           Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.4 and
King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.2

-           Extended support for data truncation INT 32 to INT 16 etc..

-           Errror reporting when not able to convert data types


Some of issues were reported by users of this providers.

I usually get private emails about issues.

I don't mind answering that at all, I would like to encourage use of
this open mailing lists so more people can benefit.

I don't mind if bug came out in public :)




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