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Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Tue Sep 4 13:05:54 EDT 2007

Well, line styles with the new symbolization are not yet officially
supported (i.e. there are bugs)  You're right though - nice to see
someone looking at this.

1 & 2 most likely bugs

3. All properties, including line thickness, are in millimeters.  You
won't see much difference between 0.12mm and 0.25mm - both probably one

4. This gives you a circle (using two arcs):
	<Geometry>M -1,0 A 1,1 0 1 1 1,0 A 1,1 0 1 1 -1,0</Geometry>
    Here's what the parameters mean:
        - move to (-1,0)
        - arc to #1 (lower half of circle)
            x/y radii (1,1)
            x-axis rotation in degrees (0)
            use a large arc sweep (1)
            draw clockwise (1)
            end point (1,0)
        - arc to #2 (lower half of circle)

5. This will eventually be supported


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Any of you have any insight into this one?  Cool to see someone trying
to use the new symbol stuff...

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Hi all,

I have some problems with complex line styles. If anyone can help with
information, a workaround or at least with information if this is a
known problem.

1. When placing symbols along a line there are problems in displaying
them. See attached screenshots.
2. When selecting a feature with such styling only symbols are marked as
selected, not the main line. I tried changing the order in the
definition, but this does not help.
3. Line thickness on screen changes incorrectly. If there are 2 lines
with width 0.12 and 0.25, they are displayed with same thickness, next
visibly different line is with 1.25 and is very thick.
4. How to draw a circle - I could not find a document with description
of parameters  of A (arc to)  option ?
5. Is there a way to place symbols only at vertices of a line - I need a
simple, solid line with a circle at every vertex?

Thank you in advance
Stefan Dalakov

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