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In your model, where would the selection state be stored?


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First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I think client had to keep data about current Map view. For example if
you would like to Zoom in, client would recalculate new scale and send
it to server.
There is no server command for change scale by 1.5 ( and also that type
of "incremental" command would be inappropriate) and doing calls get
scale - recalculate - send back doesn't sound right.

I am now looking at Map as data, data with state ( existing data from
features, new data ).
View of Map (Image) I look as stateless.

When I am thinking about this than I try to draw parallel between
Map/Image and Table/Query in database. Map is a Table in database.
Generating image is similar to generating view on your table data by
sending parameters ( center ,scale ,layers on/off ,...).


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