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Trevor Wekel trevor.wekel at autodesk.com
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Hi Jason,

A possible enhancement would be to define two map definitions for a
"map".  The first definition would define the overlay/dynamic layers and
the second definition would be used only for the tiles.  I think they
are separate layers in the new client framework so it may be possible to

There would be some other implementation details like selection and
query that would have to be worked out.  You may need to hit two maps to
find the selected/queried object.  This could be a little tricky but I
don't think it would be impossible.  I suspect all the maps would also
have to use the same coordinate system.

Version 1.2.0 of the GETTILEIMAGE operation takes the resource id of the
map definition, the base map layer group name, the tile row and column
and the scale index.  Authentication can be specified using sessionid or

A further enhancement to the "two layer" / "two map" approach would be
to code up two different URLs for the overlay/dynamic and tiled layers.
This would allow us offload the base tiles to a completely separate
server and web extensions.


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Hi all,

I've been thinking (not a good sign) about how tile maps are implemented
in MapGuide.  I'm seeing some real limitations on how useful this is
going to be for me because of the association of tile sets with specific

With the new Fusion framework, I intend to have several dozen maps
(themes), each using one of three tile set definitions.  With the
current inclusion of tile groups in map definitions, this means that
I'll have to have separate copies of these tile groups for each one of
my maps.

I would really like to see some way of abstracting tile groups from map
definitions.  Either through a new resource type that defines the tile
group, or by allowing tiled maps to be referenced from regular maps,
rather than redefined in each one.


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