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Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
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 This looks great, but I'm wondering if you shouldn't have some concerns
about potential copyright issues?  Your interface looks very similar to
Autodesk MapGuide Studio, and while I know you wrote all of the underlying
code from the ground-up, Autodesk may have some issues with the GUI.  I
highly doubt that anyone at Autodesk involved in the project from a
developer perspective will have issues and will welcome this addition to the
project, but someone in sales, marketing, or legal may not be so

Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.

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Hi list.

I have a feeling that the main barrier for newcomers to the MapGuide Open
Source project, is the fact that they have to start out purchasing Autodesk
MapGuide Studio.
I also want to customize certain aspects in Autodesk MapGuide Studio, such
as extra "bult in" menus and the like. Autodesk has replied that they do not
currently support this.
I have been looking at WebStudio, but it lacks some features, notable the
WebLayout feature. I also dislike web applications for operations that I do
more than occasionally.
On top of that, browser security restrictions limits the possible potential
for the application.

To remedy all of the above, I have created a standalone GUI application,
that looks a bit like MapGuide Studio, and supports some of the things
MapGuide Studio supports.
I have released the application under the LGPL license, so that a third
party company (ea. Autodesk), may redistribute the binaries, packed with
proprietary extensions.

The application has most of the framework ready, and has basic editors for
layer, layout, map and featuresource. Some functions are still missing, like
line width, point styling on symbol libraries, layer draw order etc.
Some things do work, like creating a featuresource, layer, map and layout.
It does not have a preview functionality yet.

The code is written in managed C#, .Net 1.1. It should work on mono, but
there are some missing functionality in System.Windows.Forms, so it might
It contains a fully independant client library that uses only the Web API,
and fully managed code.

If anyone wants to contribute to the project, I am open for questions to the

I have written a page with some pros and cons for the project:

The page contains screenshots, binaries and source code.

I would like this project to eventually become part of the MapGuide Open
Source project (or at least the OSGeo website).
How do I apply for that?

Please note that this project is my own hobby project, and is unrelated to

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

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